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July 12, 2020

Shop Update !


A few Stardust dress sets, Bear capes
and a couple of Bear purses
as well as some miniature
Storyland & Secrets Of The Stars books
will be available in my BigCartel shop tonight
(8 pm Paris time precisely ;-)

Wishing you all a great weekend !

Stardust Set


Stardust Dress & Cape

☆ Stardust, last outfit

from the Ursa Major collection ☆

Stardust Dress

Glitter Tights

The dress set includes the Stardust dress and a pair of glitter stockings.


The lightweight corduroy bodice has a V shape
and is adorned with tiny brass buttons at the back,
which fastens with snaps.

The skirt part of the dress and the sleeves
are made of dusty teal cotton
(not too bright, not too dull...
just right in between !)

Other details include a nice ruffle (purchased in Japan :-) added to the sleeve
and a suede belt (vegan / faux suede of course).


Handpainted Stars


All the tiny stars and galaxies are handpainted by me using 9 different pigments.
Each individual star has 3 different shades to give it depth and sparkle.
The pigments were sealed into the fabric 
so the dress can be washed like any doll garment.
(that means delicately :-)

Being handpainted and even though the patterns of the stars are similar,
it means that each dress is unique ;-)

Handpainted Stars

Bear Cape

The little cape or capelet
is made of bear brown flannelette (very soft faux fur)
and ties at the front with a handbraided ribbon
embellished with glitter beads.

Bear Cape

Twinkle    Jerry Berry

The dress and cape will fit Blythe, Jerry Berry, Dal, Pullip
and other Blythe size dolls.
(but please note that the stockings may only fit Blythe).

The dress set and capes are available separately.



Storyland & Secrets of The Stars


Hi everyone ☄

Sands of Time

and welcome !


 Two new sets of books for star lovers were added to the library...

Reading Corner

Books For Starlovers

Apart from one (The Language Of Dreams), 
all of them are replicas of old and antique books.
I like to use inkjet for my miniature books
as it gives them a velvety vintage look but this collection
had mostly dark covers so they were laser printed to prevent them from staining.

As usual they are 1/6 scale with faux pages.
They are available as two separate sets :

Storyland of Stars
Secrets of the Stars

You will find them in my shop this Sunday  ☆

Storyland Of Stars     Secrets of The Stars

Wishing you a happy month of July with beautiful night skies & plenty of stargazing !


June 21, 2020

Shop Update

Ursa Major & the Gypsy Bear

A few Ursa Major and Gypsy Bear sets
along with some bear purses and a bear book set
will be available in my BigCartel shop tonight ★
(8 pm Paris time exactly)

Wishing you all a Happy Summer ! ☀

Ursa Major

Ursa Major

Available in Night blue and teal,
the Ursa Major set is a 3 piece set.

Ursa Major

The velvet dress has jersey sleeves with tiny glitter,
the jacket is made of soft "bear beige" flannelette
and the cotton braided belt features brass star beads.

The dress can be worn with or without the belt,
and the little bear purse can be attached to the belt
so your doll will never lose it !

Ursa Major      Ursa Major

Ursa Major

The Three Bears

The Gypsy Bear

New outfit in the Forest Fashion Collection !

The Gypsy Bear

This 4 piece set includes

a "bear brown" velvet spaghetti top (with velvet straps),
a night blue maxi ruffled skirt made of lightweight cotton,
(both fastening with snaps),
a fluffy "bear beige" jacket made of flannelette (soft faux fur)
and a copper lurex belt with brass star beads.

Will fit Blythe and Blythe size dolls.

The Gypsy Bear

the Gypsy Bear

Gypsy Bear

Bear Tales

Sans titre

Hi everyone !
Long time no post...
I hope you are all doing well :-D

Here are some pictures of a new bookcase I made for the dollhouse,
(out of an old wooden tray) as well as handmade potions and books.

Wishing you all a Happy Midsummer !

Sans titre

Sans titre

Sans titre

Chez Stellinna

October 31, 2019

Back from Tokyo

I had such a great time and the day passed by so fast
that I forgot to take a picture of my stall at Blythecon fashion Tour in Japan.
So instead, here are some pictures of the Inari shrines
I am so happy to have visited,
and the little foxes who came back with me !

A million thanks to all the team who created such a brilliant event
and who gave me the opportunity to go back to Tokyo,
to all the lovely people I met
and everyone who stopped by my table !

I am so grateful to be part of this amazing doll community :-D

Inari Shrine

Inari Shrine

Inari Shrine      Inari Shrine

Inari Shrine      Inari Shrine      Inari Shrine



October 18, 2019

Blythecon Fashion Tour collections

A little overview of the Forest Fashion & Folklore collections
you will find at my stall at Blythecon Fashion Tour In Japan...

Lady Fox, Gypsy Fox & Kitsune,

Lady Fox, Gypsy Fox & Kitsune

Queen Of The Night

Queen Of The Night

Ursa major

Ursa Major

Forest Folklore

Forest Folklore

as well as many miniature books !


See you in Tokyo :-)