June 24, 2018

Blythecon Europe In Brussels

... is over and we had a fantastic time !

My stall at Blythecon Europe in Brussels

Many thanks to the Blythecon team for organizing a perfect event,
my lovely neighbours, friends, each and every Blythe lovers who stopped by my stall.
I was so happy to see you again or meet you for the first time !

Of course the day passed by very fast, too fast and I did not
get the chance to spend time with as many people as I would have liked
but hopefully we will catch up next time !

Forest Fashion

Here's a little close up of my stall and the Forest Fashion collection:

Enchanted Doe, Ursa Major and Minor, Queen of The Night,
Foxy lady, Forest Folklore and the Wolf Princess...

New packagings !

My little mushroom necklaces in their new packagings...


... some Forest Spirit ! ;-)

Museum of Natural Sciences, Brussels

and a little mosaic of pictures I took at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels.
It goes without saying that I much prefer to see these little ones alive and breathing
in forests and meadows though...

March 16, 2018

Postcards from the Forest

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, in very, very dark forest ...


Meeting with the Great Army of Blue Mushrooms !



Forest Jewels

Forest Jewellry

Sans titre

Fly Agaric

Is there anything more majestic and mysterious than a Fly Agaric Mushroom ?


Like the pages of a very old book...

Fly Agaric Magic

The blue and yellow flares are totally natural and not post edited.
So probably just this amazing family of mushroom working their magic !

Winter Magic

December 21, 2017

Winter Magic

Winter magic

Somewhere deep in the woods..

Winter Magic

The snow was constellated with myriads of paw & hoof prints
and it felt like stepping into a secret and enchanted world


Winter Magic

The Oak King

Enchanted Encounter

Enchanted Encounter with a half bird, half wood creature...


" Brotherwood "

Winter Magic

Winter Magic

Sugar Coated

Sugarcoated !

Winter Magic

December 10, 2017

Giveaway !

Let's celebrate the magic of winter with a giveaway !


please scroll down

Instagram Giveaway

In order to enter for a chance to win this dress set, please follow these 3 rules:

1/ Like this picture on Instagram
2/ Follow @stellinnadolly on Instagram
3/ Repost this picture and tag your post with #stellinnagiveaway & @stellinnadolly
(in public mode or I may not find your entry)

The winner will be randomly chosen on Sunday 17th of December
and announced shortly after.

Forest Folklore dress set

This Forest Folklore dress set is handmade by me and will fit Blythe and Blythe sized dolls.
It includes an embroidered dress and a sleeveless faux fur jacket.

Forest Folklore

Good luck to all !

* December 17th update *


We have our winner !
Actually we have a little bit more...
After a double check followed by a triple check,
all participants had their tags
(even the last minute entries and those who used a slightly different or mispelled hashtag ;-)
rolled into tiny scrolls and shuffled in a box
under the supervision of our little owl.

One scroll was then picked with eye closed:
congrats to our Forest Folklore dress set winner !

Because it is Christmas time and because I wanted to thank more than one person,
I decided on two little surprise gifts
and asked Lady Luck to pick two more scrolls
(with the same process):
A little Patchwork Purse is awaiting each of you !


Many, many thanks again to everyone who entered,
liked, commented or shared...
it means the world to me !

December 9, 2017

Somewhere between Fall and Winter...

Rowan berries

Magic Rowan, also known as Witchbane, Witchwood or simply Witchtree !

Daydreaming in the Forest

Daydreaming in the Forest

Do mushrooms dream ?

Do mushrooms dream ?

The "three Bards"

While I like to explore new parts of the Forest,
I keep coming back to a few special places and this is one of them.
There is such a peaceful vibe.
Upon arrival you are greeted by this amazing bunch of trees
which I have called "The Three Bards"...


Just look at this Bard's beautiful beard !

A Fairy tree ?

Not far from the "Three Bards" is this amazing tree,
looking kindly mischievous
and ready to walk towards you at any time !
I have called it the Fairy Tree :-)


Enchanted encounter...

Enchanted encounter with a woodland creature
trying to escape notice
by pretending to be dead wood...

The king of all Mushrooms

A little worn out and withered, hiding in the darkest area of the Forest
but still the king of all Mushrooms !

Sans titre

Somewhere between Fall & Winter...

Wood Love

Somewhere between fall & 
winter          "Mist'erious" ?         

Winter's Gate

Winter's gateway ?

First Snow


November 11, 2017

Forest Folklore !

Hi everyone !

Forest Folklore

A few Forest Folklore pieces have made their way in my BigCartel shop.
They will be available on Sunday, November 12th at 9 pm (Paris time).

This collection includes jumpsuit and playsuit sets in Forest green and Heather pink,
as well as Forest Friends patchwork purses.
The jumpsuits are made of lightweight corduroy cotton and have a ruffle collar.
(The ivory collar fabric has been slightly tea dyed to give it a subtle patina).

Forest Folklore            Forest Folklore

The flared jumpsuit set includes a long necklace with brass chain and multicolored beads,
the capri jumpsuit comes with a tiny cold porcelain Amanita mushroom pendant.
Both necklaces are entirely handmade by me.

Forest Folklore            Forest Folklore

The romper set, featuring a little bow with tiny hand felted wool pompoms
is paired with some knee high glittery socks.

All outfits fasten with snaps and are adorned with small brass bead buttons at the back.

Forest Folklore            Forest Folklore

My little Forest Friends purses are lined and have an adjustable shoulder strap.
 They fasten with a snap and feature a tiny colourful tassel.
This is real patchwork, with each tiny pieces being sewed together by hand !

Forest Folklore, Patchwork Purse

Forest Folklore, Patchwork Purse            Forest Folklore, Patchwork Purse

Forest Folklore, Patchwork Purse            Forest Folklore, Patchwork Purse

Forest Folklore, Patchwork Purse            Forest Folklore, Patchwork Purse

Forest Folklore, Patchwork Purse            Forest Folklore, Patchwork Purse

Forest Folklore

Forest Folklore

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend !