March 23, 2011

Let's help Japan!

Following the earthquake and tsunami which stroke Japan, many doll & Blythe community members quickly organized raffles & auctions to collect some money & raise funds. 

They can all be found in the Flickr group Dolly Community Unite for Japan.
Dollipop & Fishberry Jam  have also made lists of all the raffles, auctions & special sales.
Many thanks ! :-)

For Japan
A huge thank you to Gaia/Bambina Carabina for making this banner :-)

I want to help out as well, and I'm offering a Patchwork Princess set for Blythe dolls.
100% of the funds collected will be donated to help Japan:
50 % of the proceeds will be given to Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support and the other 50% 

Patchwork Princess for Japan

The method is a raffle :-) 
Tickets are $5 (USD) and you can purchase as many as you want. 
You'll be given a number with every ticket purchased. The raffle will be open until Monday (28th) midnight, (Paris time). I will use to pick up the winner.
I will cover the cost of shipping and will send the set via registered/insured airmail.

This Patchwork Princess set includes:
- a pair of flared hazelnut corduroy trousers (fully hemmed)
- a petal pink mohair knitted sweater with slightly bell sleeves, 
- a moss green crochetted hat,
- a flower hairpin,
- a blue woollen scarf,
- a Patchwork Princess bag: lined, with adjustable strap and featuring vintage glass bell flowers.

All items fasten with snaps.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to email me :-)

I will update this post as the raffle goes on to keep you informed all along.
Many thanks !

Patchwork Princess

The raffle is now closed, and here are the ticket numbers :

1/ Julie / House of Pinku
2/ Irene
3/ Irene
4/ Irene
5/ Irene
6/ Irene
7/ Irene
8/ Shershe
9/ Simone
10/ Simone
11/ i.collect.dolls
12/ i.collect.dolls
13/ Mimsy
14/ Mimsy
15/ Mimsy
16/ Camillaeatfiftyeggs
17/ Camillaeatfiftyeggs
18/ Camillaeatfiftyeggs
19/ LoveBlythe
20/ LoveBlythe
21/ Lou
22/ Lou
23/ Lou
24/ Lou
25/ Deb H
26/ Deb H 
27/ Deb H
28/ Deb H
29/ Deb H
30/ Deb H
31/ Lholy-chan
32/ Lholy-chan
33/ Lholy-chan
34/ Lholy-chan
35/ Lholy-chan
36/ Lholy-chan
37/ Lholy-chan
38/ Lholy-chan
39/ Mademoiselle Blythe
40/ Mademoiselle Blythe
41/ Chacha
42/ Chacha
43/ Chacha
44/ Irene
45/ Irene
46/ Ficelia
47/ Ficelia
48/ Ficelia
49/ Ficelia
50/ Ficelia 
51/ Daniela
52/ Daniela
53/ Blythedrops
54/ Blythedrops
55/ Tibiloo
56/ Tibiloo
57/ Tibiloo
58/ Birdielady
59/ Birdielady
60/ Birdielady

A thousand million thanks to each and everyone of you :-D

I have emailed everyone with their ticket numbers after checking about 10 more times ;-)
The winner will picked shortly.

I wish you all good luck :-)

Update !
02h14 am, (Paris time) ... the winner was picked.
And gosh, my heart was beating fast when I hit the "Generate" button!
I never thought it would be so hard to just click on it ;-)
Stella was supervising the operation.
So here it goes...
The winner number is : 

Stella picked up the winner !

We have a winner!

A last update to thank you all for participating in this raffle, for your generosity and for trusting me as well. Thanks to you, $150 were sent to JEARS and $150 to Global Giving Japan Earthquake & Tsunami relief Fund today, as we collected a very round amount of $300 (USD).

Receipt 2


I will email everyone one last time to send you full receipts of both donations.
Thank you all so much again :-D