April 11, 2012

Electric Sugarcubes...

Hi all !
Hope you are doing well :-)

I have been working on these sets for a while now so I am very glad to indroduce at last 
my new collection "Electric Sugarcubes".

Both the dress sets & coats will fit Blythe & Dal dolls, although I must confess I forgot my Dal for the photosession ;-)

Electric Sugarcubes

Electric Sugarcubes

I am always on the hunt for new boiled wool fabrics and this collection includes brand new colours. Yeah ! This is also a new coat pattern of mine, inspired from vintage clothing: slightly shorter than my usual coats and more A-line in shape. The collar, pocket flaps, cuffs and half belt all have a rounded shape. They feature multi coloured buttons and come with a felt flower hair pin with a tiny pompom heart, as well as a headband, elasticized & lined with pink fabric.
The coats are entirely hand sewed and match the dress sets...

Electric Sugarcubes

... which include a little dress with puff sleeves, a pair of tights adorned with a tiny flower, and a flower hairpin. The little bow on the dress has been secured and will not untie.

Electric Sugarcubes

Electric Sugarcubes

Electric Sugarcubes

zigzagged finished seams

Electric Sugarcubes

I really enjoyed working with this fabric, for some reason it reminds me of my childhood as it does have a vintage feel, but also because it is a very "happy" fabric with its kaleidoscope of colours. It works great with any hair colour :-)

I would have loved to make more sets than what is available, unfortunately I only had a small piece of this fabric so there are ony 5 sets. 

Please note that each set has a different flower ;-)
The coats, dresses and tights fasten with tiny snaps.

Electric Sugarcubes    Electric Sugarcubes

peppermint sets

Electric Sugarcubes


Electric Sugarcubes    Electric Sugarcubes


(Mint being slightly more green than peppermint)

As for the coats...

Electric Sugarcubes     Electric Sugarcubes

fig                                        blueberry

Electric Sugarcubes     Electric Sugarcubes

licorice                                 peppermint 

Electric Sugarcubes      Electric Sugarcubes

apple                                    banana

Electric Sugarcubes      Electric Sugarcubes

pumpkin                                 cherry

Electric Sugarcubes       Electric Sugarcubes

raspberry                             rose petal

The sets will be available in my Artfire on Wednesday 11th, at 10 pm, Paris time.
I always try to find a time that will suit all sides of the planet so hopefully it will be OK for everyone.

All the sets are now sold out !
I'll do my best to answer your emails as quickly as possible.

A million thanks !!