April 7, 2009

Coco Moon chez Stellinna !

"Coco Moon is traveling the world as a famous fashion stylist, looking for the hottest trends and fashions from around the Blythe world".
More info and pictures of Coco Moon around the world:
Blythe Worldwide Tour 2008 / 2009: Fashion Obsessed !

She stayed in Lyon for a week and I was overjoyed to welcome her !
She's such a special girl.

The wardrobe I made especially for her included a lilac mohair dress and top, a dotted tunic dress, chartreuse green knitted hat and scarf with a matching felt flower, a patchwork bag and some denim items...
I took her to the Parc de la Tête d'Or (famous for its rose and botanical gardens) where we had a few photo sessions, and around Lyon.

Coco Moon / Fitting room

Coco Moon

Coco Moon

Coco Moon Coco Moon Coco Moon

Coco Moon

Coco Moon  *L'harmonie des vins*

She enjoyed talking about clothes with the other girls, and was spoiled with petits fours, éclairs and other French patisseries.

Coco Moon & Stella

Coco Moon & Stella Coco Moon & Stella

Time flies, and before we had a chance to realise that a week had gone by, it was already time to leave and say goodbye... She will be greatly missed !

Coco Moon & Stella

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