June 30, 2010

Mirwana & Captain Cat

I am very happy to introduce my anniversary doll for
the 9th charity exhibition "Manga Girls Inspiration".

Mirwana & Captain Cat

Mirwana & Captain Cat Captain Cat

Mirwana & Captain Cat

Mirwana & Captain Cat

Instrument panel Display back

Base doll was Jardin de Maman
Base doll

"According to the legend, Mirwana and her inseparable friend and crew member Meow (whose skills and reputation owed him the well-deserved title of "Captain Cat") started their lives as two fictional characters whose adventures were depicted in a manga.
Somehow, they managed to escape their two-dimensional existence and went on to live their own life in other realities.
They now travel through galaxies and constellations, space and time, on board their spaceship "the Wanderer", and were last seen near the Milky Way.
They are now writing their own story".

Although Mirwana and Captain Cat are entirely the product of my imagination, they were inspired by the manga characters who deeply impressed me ever since I was a kid and who are still my heroes to this day.

I was absolutely thrilled to work on this project & pay tribute to my favourite heroes from the wonderful world of Leiji Matsumoto. I think his space operas are absolute masterpieces.

Manga Girls Inspiration

Captain Harlock (Albator in the French version), Maya, Queen Emeraldas, Maetel, Mi-kun, Kei Yûki (known as Nausicaa in the French version), Shep & Stella from Interstella 5555, Sen-Nen Joou (Princess Millenium)...
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