October 4, 2012

Pumpkin Chic

Special collection designed for Blythecon UK

My dolls and I will be delighted to meet you in Manchester, and here is a little preview of the 
Pumpkin Chic collection, specially designed for the event!

Pumpkin Chic dress sets

Pumpkin Chic

The dress is made with a combination of different fabrics, Donegal tweed (100% woollen fabric with colourful thick slick slubs woven into it, like tiny pompoms), shot cotton (a two-tone fabric, warp and weft yarns of two different colours woven together creating subtle shifts in colour and looking pretty much like chambray and silk), vintage dotted Swiss cotton and features lace, ric rac and a contrasting little knot.
The back of the dress closes with snaps and is adorned with a tiny flower with a nice antique patina, which unfortunately I forgot to photograph...
Included in the set is a pair of matching socks and a little velvet flower hairpin with a rhinestone heart.

Pumpkin Chic   Pumpkin Chic   Pumpkin Chic

Pumpkin Chic Boiled Wool Coats

Pumpkin Chic

My latest version of double breasted boiled wool coats with the collar, pocket flaps, cuffs and half belts having a rounded shape. They feature sparkly rhinestones buttons and come with tags.

Pumpkin Chic

To match the dress sets, these tiny coats are available in three different colours:
squash, pumpkin and midnight (true black)

Pumpkin Chic   Pumpkin Chic   Pumpkin Chic   

They come with a little flower hairpin, made of different layers of "petals": Donegal tweed, silk jersey in emerald and moss green and some shiny pink beads.

Pumpkin Chic

Maxi Dress

Pumpkin Chic

Inspired from vintage patterns and retro fashion, this maxi dress is made of  lightweight black corduroy and shot cotton in ...pumpkin !
As described above, shot cotton is woven with two different threads, giving subtle changing colours effects. Also featuring some tea dyed laces. Both the dress and the headband that comes with it feature small velvet flowers with rhinestone hearts.

Pumpkin Chic

Pumpkin Chic    Pumpkin Chic  

Patchwork Princess boxed set

Patchwork Princess Raffle gift set

This special Patchwork Princess set is my donation for the raffle!
It includes a knitted woollen dress and hoodie with pompoms, a little necklace with a vintage glass bell flower, a knitted scarf and of course a tiny patchwork bag. Its shoulder strap is adjustable and it closes with a snap. Featuring little glass bell flowers too :-)

Patchwork Princess/ Blythecon UK Raffle donation      Patchwork Princess / Blythecon UK Raffle donation