December 9, 2017

Somewhere between Fall and Winter...

Rowan berries

Magic Rowan, also known as Witchbane, Witchwood or simply Witchtree !

Daydreaming in the Forest

Daydreaming in the Forest

Do mushrooms dream ?

Do mushrooms dream ?

The "three Bards"

While I like to explore new parts of the Forest,
I keep coming back to a few special places and this is one of them.
There is such a peaceful vibe.
Upon arrival you are greeted by this amazing bunch of trees
which I have called "The Three Bards"...


Just look at this Bard's beautiful beard !

A Fairy tree ?

Not far from the "Three Bards" is this amazing tree,
looking kindly mischievous
and ready to walk towards you at any time !
I have called it the Fairy Tree :-)


Enchanted encounter...

Enchanted encounter with a woodland creature
trying to escape notice
by pretending to be dead wood...

The king of all Mushrooms

A little worn out and withered, hiding in the darkest area of the Forest
but still the king of all Mushrooms !

Sans titre

Somewhere between Fall & Winter...

Wood Love

Somewhere between fall & 
winter          "Mist'erious" ?         

Winter's Gate

Winter's gateway ?

First Snow